Bible of John & Elizabeth (Garard) Fordyce
Owned by Miss Mary May, Waynesburg Pa.


John Fordyce 9-17-1775
Elizabeth Fordyce (his wife) 3-12-1779
Their oldest child Rachel 11-9-1799
Justus Garard Fordyce 9-5-1801
Samuel Fordyce 3-15-1803
James Harvey Fordyce 7-31-1804
Nancy Fordyce 11-29-1803
Corbly Fordyce 6-7-1807
John Fordyce 9-5-1808
Abner Fordyce 5-5-1810
Hetty Fordyce 8-19-1812
Joseph Fordyce 9-30-1814
Benson Fordyce 12-21-1816


Samuel Fordyce 2-4-1837
Elizabeth Fordyce 12-12-1838
Between five & six o'clock in the morning, aged 60


Nancy, the second daughter of John & Elizabeth Fordyce was married November 26, 1823 to George Rose

Rachel Fordyce was married to Thomas Bowen the ___ day of December 1825

James H. Fordyce married to Nancy Bowers November ___ 1827

Justus G. Fordyce married to Catherine Miller the ___ day of April 182_

Corbly Fordyce was married ___ day of April 1829 to Jane Baily

John Fordyce was married to Ruth Gregg March 1832

John Fordyce intermarried with Mary Ann Haus June 1837

Hetty Fordyce married to James Evans December 1832

Joseph Fordyce intermarried with Elen Baily April 1837

Benson Fordyce intermarried with Maria Nichols September 1, 1839

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