Bible of James Harvey Fordyce
Owned by Miss Mary May, Waynesburg Pa.


Nancy Bowers 7-6-1809
Elizabeth Fordyce 8-24-1828
Jacob B. Fordyce 1-29-1832
Louisa Fordyce 10-18-IS33
Mary Fordyce 2-3-1836
Rachel Fordyce 2-1-1838
Justus G. Fordyce 3-26-1840
James Harvey Fordyce, Jr. 8-29-1842
Benson Fordyce 12-1-1844
Joseph Fordyce 4-3-1847
Henry Morton Fordyce 11-8-1849
Jane Davison 8-11-1841 (Wife of Jacob B. Fordyce)


James H. Fordyce 8-15-1883
Nancy B. Fordyce 10-23-1862
Elizabeth (Fordyce) Zimmerman 9-15-1350
Jacob B. Fordyce 10-23-1362 (St. Louis, Mo.)
John Fordyce 6-22-1845
Louisa 6-13-1864
Rachel (Fordyce) Myers 4-16-1896
Justus G. Fordyce Sept. 1914 (Buried in Iowa)
James Harvey Fordyce Jan. 1912 (Buried in Bedford, Iowa)
Benson Fordyce 1-25-1901
Joseph Fordyce 10-9-1378 (At Carthage, Mo.)

Henry James Zimmerman born 9-1-1850

Luveda Fordyce born 9-9-1855 died 7-10-1892

Lexacy Garrard Fordyce born 2-11-1858

Lulaby Burge died 3-15-1891

Willie B. Fordyce died December 1870 (Justus boy by first wife)

Mary Fordyce married Bowman Fuller. Went West in 1878.

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