Rosemont Cemetery
Center Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania

The listing below is of the Fordyce descendants and spouses known to be buried in Rosemont Cemetery in Center Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. Pictures are included of the stones of descendants found in the cemetery in February of 2000. The Cemetery is located on the north side of Route 21, just east of Rogersville. It is a rather large cemetery and is quite active and well maintained. Click on the name for a photo of that gravestone. After viewing the photo, use the BACK button on your browser to return to this listing.

Bailey, Ardella (b. Apr. 5, 1861, d. Sep. 2, 1893)
Bailey, Edith R. (b. Feb. 5, 1892, d. Feb. 27, 1905, d/o D. F. & Ardella Bailey)
Bowler, Henry (1882-1947)
Bowler, Laura (1884-1968, w/o Henry Bowler)
Crouse, Clara Belle (1871-1966, w/o Franklin Edward Crouse)
Crouse, Clarence (1899-1981)
Crouse, Clydia (1903-1999, w/o Tony Crouse)
Crouse, Della (1893-1979, w/o Clarence A. Crouse)
Crouse, Franklin Edward (1873-1934)
Crouse, J. Fred (1878-1960)
Crouse, R. Ina (1878-1967, w/o J. Fred Crouse)
Crouse, Tony (1900-1981, s/o J. Fred Crouse)
Fordyce, Alvah Albert (1889-1948)
Fordyce, Anna Fox (1869-1929, w/o John Barnet Fordyce)
Fordyce, Arch (1876-1948)
Fordyce, Archibald (1868-1937)
Fordyce, Carl C. (b. Dec. 30, 1908, d. Sep. 8, 1993)
Fordyce, Delilah (1871-1961)
Fordyce, Edison (1877-1938)
Fordyce, Elizabeth (1850-1935, w/o Simeon Rinehart Fordyce)
Fordyce, Harriet Elaine (1927-1927)
Fordyce, Horace G. (1870-1951)
Fordyce, Jacob G. (1880-1957)
Fordyce, Jesse (b. May 28, 1831, d. Apr. 14, 1885)
Fordyce, John Barnet (1863-1932)
Fordyce, Mantie S. (1872-1944)
Fordyce, Mary E. (1884-1969, w/o Jacob G. Fordyce)
Fordyce, Myra Metschan (1889-1928, w/o Alvah Albert Fordyce)
Fordyce, Rachel (b. Sep. 19, 1829, d. Oct. 13, 1894, w/o Jesse Fordyce)
Fordyce, Ralph D. (1904-1975)
Fordyce, Simon Rinehart (1841-1907)
Fordyce, Wilbert G. (1905-1969)
Martin, Arthur R. (b. May 16, 1904, d. Jan. 22, 1972)
Martin, Ina A. Willison (b. Aug. 25, 1885, d. Dec. 18, 1969, w/o Levi Eddy Martin)
Martin, Levi Eddy (b. Jan. 24, 1880, d. Apr. 11, 1962)
Martin, Rachel May (b. Jan. 13, 1911, d. Mar. 1914)
McVicker, Marie Whyte (1912-1933)
Orndoff, Joseph S. (1865-1930)
Orndoff, Louella F. (1870-1934)
Patterson, Vera Willison (1922-1999)
Phillips, Georgia (1910-1970)
Shriver, Ira Attie (1879-1952)
Shriver, Rozella Hartley (1877-1929, w/o Ira Attie Shriver)
Stockdale, Alice V. (1908-1987, w/o Ralph C. Stockdale)
Stockdale, Ralph C. (1908-1964)
White, Albert (b. Feb. 2, 1877, d. Aug. 14, 1952)
Whyte, Catherine A. (1898-1995, w/o Harold R. Whyte)
Whyte, Harold R. (b. Sep 15, 1893, d. Feb. 21, 1978)
Whyte, Lee Ona (1885-1957)
Wood, Artie Florence (1877-1943, w/o Corydon Fordyce Wood)
Wood, Corydon Fordyce (1872-1949)
Wood, Frances Roberts (1882-1966, w/o Isaac Campbell Wood)
Wood, Isaac Campbell (1879-1951)

There are more descendants buried in this cemetery, and photos will be added in the future as the stones are found. Some of these stones are difficult to read in the photos, and those will be retaken in the future.

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