Article Relating to D. L. Headlee, 1919

Automobile Collision in Morrisville

Machines Driven by Rev. D. L. Headlee and Harry White Badly Damaged. - Little Son of Rev. Headlee Injured.

On Tuesday, a serious automobile accident occurred in Morrisville. Rev. D. L. Headlee and family of four children were enroute to Mt. Morris and at the intersection of the first street in Morrisville with the brick road his car and one driven by Harry White came into collision. White was coming down into the brick road from the side street and neither he nor Rev. Headlee could see each other approaching. The latter's car was badly wrecked, but only one of the occupants was injured. Thomas, the little three year old son of Rev. and Mrs. Headlee, had the ligaments of his left shoulder badly torn. White's car was damaged also. The boy was taken to the office of Dr. R. E. Brock where he received medical attention and the Headlee car was brought to a garage to be repaired.

Rev. Headlee is the pastor of the M. E. church at Wilson, Pa. He and his family had been visiting his brother, W. W. Headlee, of Waynesburg, and they were starting to visit the mother, Mrs. W. G. Headlee, of Mt. Morris. They were also intending to go to Columbus, O., to attend the grat Methodist Episcopal Centenary. They secured another car and left for Mt. Morris Tuesday evening.

Waynesburg Republican, July 3, 1919

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