Two Articles Relating to Otto Fordyce in World War I

Otto Fordyce Is Well and Serving with Co. K.

Has been "Over the Top," But Did Not Receive a Scratch - Had Been Reported Missing.

Mrs. Malissa Fordyce, of East Waynesburg, who received a telegram from the war department three weeks ago that her son, Otto Fordyce, a member of Co. K, 110th Regiment was reported missing in action has received the following leter from her son, which shows the report to have been a mistake. His many friends here are glad to learn of the good news.

France, Aug, 17, 1918.

Dear Mother,

I will try to answer your letter today as it is a pretty day. You said in your letter that you are well. I am glad to hear it. I am well and have never been sick since I left home.

I have been over the top and never got a scratch. I have had several narrow escapes, but have got through them all so far. Sargeant Gail WOod is acting first sergeant now, and Harold Whyte is a sergeant, too. Jim Patton is our mess sergeant. I am hauling water for the kitchen. This is great wheat country and they are harvesting now. I have seen several queer old churches made of stone They all seem to be Catholic churches. Have seen several old castles. England is the nicest country I have seen. I have been over a big portion of France, and hope to be in Berlin before I come back home.

Well, Mother, I am trying to live an all right life here. I will close for this time, hoping to hear from you soon.

Your son,

Otto A. Fordyce

Waynesburg Republican, September 12, 1918

Otto Fordyce, a member of Company K, 110th regiment, has returned home, having received his honorable discharge. A number of friends gathered at the home of hismother, Mrs. Malissa Fordyce, and gave him a hearty reception. The evening was spent in music and conversation. Refreshments were served. Mr. Fordyce sailed from Brest, France, March 14, and arrived in New York ten days later. He received his discharge April 8.

Waynesburg Republican, April 17, 1919

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