Greene County Men Killed in Action, 1918

Greene County Heroes Fall in France

13 Members of Company K, 110th Regiment,Killed in Battle - Homes are Sorrow-Stricken by News

Farrell, Closser, Murphy, Marshall, Manning, Buchanan, Hickman, Hewitt, Staggers, Zahniser, Riggle, Harry Dunn and Francis Moore, Killed; Joseph Phillips, Seriously Wounded; Lieut. D. M. Garrison and Walter McVay, Wounded and in Hospital.

Waynesburg was overwhelmed with sorrow on Tuesday, when telegrams arrived from the War Department, giving casualties in Company K, 110th Regiment. Our people knew that the regiment had been engaged in the recent great battles in France and the friends of the soldiers were apprehensive, yet all kept hoping that no bad news would follow, at least that none of our boys would be reported killed.

Word was received by mail last week that William Gray was the first of Company K to receive a wound.

On Monday, August 12, Mrs. D. M. Garrison, of Waynesburg, received a cablegram from her husband, First Lieut. Garrison, that he was "slightly wounded, but doing fine." Monday evening another cablegram was received ,here, from Lieut. Garrison by his father-in-law, W. F. McVay, stating:"Walter McVay and I are in hosiptal. Doing finely."

Tuesday afternoon, the first message announced the death of Norman M. Zahniser; then another announced the death of Benj. A. Manning, and others followed, until the list climbed to 13 killed and one seriously wounded, two being reported yesterday.

Their names are:

Killed in Action, July 28.
JAMES FARRELL, aged 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Farrell, of Waynesburg.

Killed in Action, July 19.
HALLIE J. CLOSSER, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Closser, Waynesburg.
CHARLES E. MURPHY, son of D. H. Murphy, Wind Ridge.
FRED MARSHALL, son of Geo. W. Marshall, Time.
FRANCIS MOORE, son of Wm. Moore, Ruffs Creek.

Killed in Action, July 30.
BENJ. A. MANNING, son of Mrs. Emma B. Manning (and John Manning, dec'd,) Waynesburg.
FLOYD HICKMAN, aged 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Hickman, Oak Forest, and grandson of Mrs. Sarah Fordyce, Waynesburg.
BERT BUCHANAN, son of Charles Buchanan, West Waynesburg.
CHARLES E. HEWITT, aged 22, son of Oilver Hewitt, Harveys.
LAWRENCE L. STAGGERS, aged 20, son of James E. Staggers, Bristoria.
HARRY DUNN, son of Washington Dunn, Ruffs Creek.

Killed in Action, August 7.
NORMAN M.ZAHNISER, son of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Zahniser, Waynesburg.

Killed in Action (no date)
WALTER RIGGLE, son of Forest Riggle, Aleppo.

JAMES PHILLIPS, of Wayne township, was seriously wounded in action, July 29.
FIRST LIEUT. D. M. GARRISON, wounded in action. (No date.)
WALTER McVAY, wounded in action. (No date.)

Waynesburg Republican, August 15, 1918

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