Excerpts from Beers' History of Miami County, Ohio, 1880

Page 394 - The First Churches [Lost Creek Township]

The year 1821 saw the erection of the first regular meeting-house in Lost Creek Township. This structure was built of hewn logs, near where the present brick church of the Lost Creek Baptists now stands. Its dimensions were 30x36 feet. On the minutes of that early congregation is found the following queer contract pertaining to the old church:

"Agreed to employ Brother Abia B. Martin to lay two floors in the meeting-house, to plough and groove both floors, to plain one side of the upper floor, and to make two doors and casings, for which the church agree to pay Brother Martin $20 in work at Mr. Fordyce's, if said Martin should want it there; if not, to be paid in corn, wheat or young cattle."

Page 395 - First Justices [Lost Creek Township]

Gen. Webb was the first Justice of the Peace within the boundaries of Lost Creek Township. The certification of his bond, by the Township Clerk, bears date of December 11, 1819, and he served uninterruptedly, we believe, until 1849. Among the other early Justices were John Lenon, Abraham Buckles, James Fordyce, and Thomas Shideler. The last named gentleman represented Miami County in the Ohio legislature. He died only a few years ago. John Wilson also served as Justice.

Page 395 - A List of the Old Settlers [Lost Creek Township]

We here append a list, as complete as can be obtained at this late day, of the old settlers of the township: John Webb, Elisha Webb, Asa Rogers, John Shideler, Alexander McDowell, Abram Cromer, James Buckles, Timothy Green, James Frazee, George Green, Willis Northcutt, ----- Rogers, John W. Martin, Willis Hance, Benjamion Hance, J. K. McFarland, George Puterbaugh, Giles Johnston, Allen Ralston, William Babb, Daniel Knopp, John Wilson, William Burton, Thomas Shideler, Henry Whitmore, William Wallace, Richard Palmer, William C. Knight, William Saunders, John Lenon, David Archer, Jonathan Yates, Reuben Westfall, John Darst, Thomas Stretch, Joseph Webb, Joseph Layton, James Fordyce, Jonas Sutton, Daniel H. Knoop, Thomas Long, Barnett Rapp, Samuel McDowell, John Shanks, levi Martin, Jacob Youtsey, Jonathan Cavault, Josiah Martin, Peter Clyde, ----- Trimmens, Andrew Egnew.

Page 269 - Miami County Agricultural Society

The following are the subscribers to the Constitution of the Miami County Agricultural Society:

Z. Heald, Cyrus Haywood, Wesley Haywood, Daniel Bates, James M. Dye, Daniel Brown, L. H. Booher, William J. Thomas, John Hamilton, William B. McLung, George Cloyd, Joshua Peck, James McCain, G. A. Pierce, W. Sayres, D. H. Morris, David A. McLung, James Fordyce, J. McKaig, John C. Winans, H. S. Mayo, G. D. Burgess, John B. Fith, E. Parsons, B. F. Brown, John Knoop...

Pages 381-382 - Schools of Troy

...Rev. Micajah Fairfield was the village teacher in 1825, and after filling the responsible position faithfully for two years, was succeeded by Thomas Barrett, who afterward served as County Judge. In 1831, John Petit had charge of the school; this gentleman subsequently moved to Indiana, where be became a prominent man, and, removing to Kansas, he became United States Senator, and afterward United States District Judge. From 1836 to 1841 inclusive, the basements of the Episcopal and Baptists were respectively filled up and used for educational purposes. Uriah Fordyce taught in the Episcopal Church in 1837, and at the same time Hiram Brooks was teaching in the old brick house on Main street...

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