Excerpts from the Pierceton Independent, 1880

March 31, 1880 - James Fordice of this place moved to Bourbon yesterday to take charge of a section of the P.F.W. & C.R.R. James is a good steady boy and understands his business.

May 12, 1880 - James Fordyse, the new section boss, wasn't a candidate at the Corporation election, but he set up the cigars to some of the boys Tuesday morning "all the same." It's a boy -- Bourbon Mirror. Mr Fordyse was formerly a resident of this place, and the good people of Pierceton will rejoice with James.

May 19, 1880 - Billy Fordyce, a young man who had charge of the switch lights at this place, was arrested and fined for meddling with cars on the side track at this place. It appears that he got a line of cars started and before they could be stopped one car was run off the track at an open switch. This is a warning to boys who make a business of meddling with car brakes while on sidings.

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