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Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Hartley, of East Waynesburg, have received a letter from their son, Sergeant Silva E. Hartley, of Co. K, 110th Regiment. He is now in Paris in a military school and is enjoying good health. His address is:Army Educational Commission, 76 Rue du Frosburg, St. Honore, A. P. O. 702, Paris France. In speaking of the cost of living he says he can get a good breakfast at the Red Cross for 10 cents (50 centimes) and a good dinner for 15 cents. He does not expect to be home until July and would be glad to receive letters from his friends.

Waynesburg Republican, April 3, 1919

Sergeant Sylva E. Hartley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hartley, of East Waynesburg, who was a member of Co. K, 110th Infantry, arrived home a few days ago from Camp Mills, N.Y., where he was discharged from service. Sergt. Hartley was battle of the Marne and spent several months in a hospital. For the past three months he had been a student in the A. E. F. school in Paris and did not return with Company K.

Waynesburg Republican, July 31, 1919

Sylva E. Hartley, of East Waynesburg, has been elected principal of the Aleppo township high school, and Miss Lura Tennant, of Spraggs, is assistant principal. Both are graduates of Waynesburg college.

Waynesburg Republican, September 4, 1919

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